‘Where wine meets nature, history meets innovation, and passion meets sustainability’

The Group

Forwine & More is a prestigious group that brings together several renowned winegrowing estates

These include Château Dauzac, an 1855 Classified Growth in the Margaux appellation, and Domaine de La Bégude, in the Bandol appellation. We complete our portfolio with three wine merchants: Maison Montagnac, Delta Négoce and La Bégude Collection.

‘Celebrating the diversity of terroirs, from the landscapes of Provence to the vineyards of Bordeaux.’

“Forwine” stands for Family Office Roulleau, because Christian Roulleau and his family have made a long-term investment in estates that produce great wines. “& More” underlines our conviction that Château Dauzac and Domaine de La Bégude are much more than just wine producers. They are refuges of exceptional biodiversity, from which honey from our beehives in Margaux and olive oil from our land in Provence are already being produced.


At the heart of Forwine & More lies our desire to celebrate the diversity of our terroirs, from the charm of Brittany to the landscapes of Provence and the vineyards of Bordeaux. All the riches and values of our group come together in a single entity.

We are proud to be guided by the vision of Christian Roulleau and his family, accompanied by Laurent Fortin as Managing Director of Forwine & More.


Discover our fascinating world, where wine meets nature, history meets innovation, and passion meets sustainability.

The companies
Château Dauzac

Château Dauzac, a Margaux Classified Growth, has a 49-hectare vineyard that has revealed the quintessence of an exceptional terroir for several centuries. A unique terroir, an inspiring and unspoilt natural environment, a constant quest for innovation and excellence: all these factors combine to make Château Dauzac unique.
Domaine de La Bégude

Situated at the highest point of the Bandol appellation, Domaine de La Bégude counts almost 40 hectares of vines overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This terroir, out of the ordinary and out of time, lies at the heart of a unique environment of more than 300 hectares in which flora and fauna coexist in complete tranquillity, and where the vines find the right balance.
Maison Montagnac

Founded by Pierre Montagnac, Maison Montagnac has been one of the major wine merchants in Bordeaux for nearly 30 years. The company has direct allocations from the top chateaux and distributes the wines in over 45 countries.
Delta Négoce

Delta Négoce is a wine merchant specialising in the creation of branded wines closely linked to Château Dauzac, meticulously crafted by the estate's teams.

La Bégude Collection

La Bégude Collection is a wine trading company specialising in the creation of branded wines closely linked to Domaine de La Bégude, meticulously crafted by the estate's teams.